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The World and Everything in It
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Hosted by Nick Eicher and Joseph Slife, The World and Everything in Itis an engaging, week-in-review radio news magazine that airs weekends on stations nationwide and features reports, interviews, and analysis from WORLD’s editorial team. Find a station near you, or never miss a show by subscribing to the free podcast through iTunes.
This week’s program: Dec. 1, 2012

Middle East tension, Nigeria church bombing, fiscal cliff, religious freedom lawsuits, ‘Favorite Songs of Christmas,’ Cal Thomas commentary, ‘heroic’ conservatism

Israel, Palestinians and the UN, fiscal cliff, Nigeria church bombing, Ralph Reed on future of GOP conservatism, Michael Gerson on ‘heroic’ conservatism, Christmas music reviews, Joy Pullmann on teacher fraud, Supreme Court roundup, Cal Thomas on Egypt’s new ‘pharaoh,’ Benghazi and Susan Rice, Warren Cole Smith on markets and the economy, Marvin Olasky on the history of journalism, update on Obamacare lawsuits, holiday special ‘Favorite Songs of Christmas,’ The History Book, and more.


Tim Lubinus has been the Executive Director of the Baptist Convention of Iowa since March 2014. Formerly he served as the missions pastor at Cornerstone Church in Ames, Iowa for eight years; prior to this, he and his family served overseas for six years ministering among university students in South Korea and ten years as a mission team leader in Turkey.

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